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In today’s rapidly changing business environment it is important to stay competitive and become an active Internet participant. Web presence is becoming a “must” for any business. Whether your business enterprise is large or small you can put your website to work for you. Twenty four hours a day you can generate leads and bring new customers to your doorstep. Today, paper is becoming obsolete as Internet marketing and advertising is becoming the most used promotional methods. The sooner you establish your personal web presence in cyberspace, the better - for you and your business.

However, just having a website is not always enough. A good business website should include search engine optimization that ensure that you are found staying in as high a web ranking as possible in the Google, Bing and Yahoo! organic results page. This is where your potential customers will look for you. So SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is of paramount importance for commercial success. It is even more important if you plan to sell your products or services online as an E-Commerce store.

Any business, no matter how small, relies on various data to analyze performance. Databases are no longer exotic tools used by big corporations; they are an integral part of any business website. This can include a couple of simple tables or the wealth of knowledge obtained from Google Analytics - but you can count on them being there for you and your business.

So if you think you need to build a website, update an existing one, implement SEO, create an online store or even migrate your old Excel spreadsheets to database software - I may be able to help. My goal is to make your business a web-friendly enterprise.

Programmer in Langley, BC - SEO, Web, Databases
Programmer in Langley, BC - Web Development, SEO, Databases

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