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SEO - Search Engine Optimization

You may have an amazing website with incredible functionality but what is the use of it if few people are visiting? The truth is it is not enough to have a good website; a website should also have good traffic to generate leads to your business. Unless you have an extremely strong brand (like Microsoft or Google) it is unlikely visitors will be looking for you by the name of your business. They will be looking for goods or services by typing keywords in the Google search box. And that means that your website should be optimized for search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo! to show up as high as possible in the results list.

That’s called SEO – Search Engine Optimization. That means building your website in a certain way. It means "optimizing" it as "friendly" for search engines, making it easy for them to find, index and rank your pages. This is especially important since more and more consumers are relying on Google while shopping around rather than on traditional ads such as those found in newspapers. Also, if you just plan to build a website, make sure you plan ahead for SEO. To implement it early is easier than rebuilding existing pages.

I can assist you with SEO for you website and also with setting you up with a multitude of free online tools offered by Google for the monitoring of performance and traffic. Don’t rush to buy sponsored links, try to have SEO first. Research shows that natural (organic) results are more trusted by consumers.

Contact me if you need to know more about SEO. Chances are there is a room for improvement in the visibility of your website in Google. Making your web pages friendly for search engines is a good start in making the Web friendly for your business.
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